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A Word in Edgewise

Life in between Raising Kids, Keeping a Home, and Staying Sane


On The Temptations of Childhood: "...I told my husband John that I understood David's temptation to swing on the closet rod.  When I was a kid I tried hanging on the chandelier in our family room. Down it came with a crash with me attached...I guess we all have skeletons in our closet..."

My latest book is a compilation of my previously published essays as I navigated life as a woman, a wife, and a mother trying to get a "word in edgewise."

If you need a quick laugh or a familiar trip through the world of staying sane as you raise a family, you will love "Edgewise".

Dear David

Dealing with My Son's Addiction One Letter at a Time


Day 1: "Dear David, Last night I got a call from you. After seven weeks of inpatient treatment, you had decided you'd had enough...So now, once again, you are living on the streets, and we don't know where you are. We've been through this before, but even so, it is still so painful."

This book is  a firsthand account of how my son David's addiction to drugs affected our whole family. The book's content comes from the letters which I wrote to David after he walked away from a treatment program in 2014 and disappeared.

By turns heartbreaking and humorous, the letters share the up and downs of David's decisions and how they influenced our family, as well as expressing my unwavering hope for his eventual recovery.

Embracing Laura

The Grief and Healing Following the Death of an Infant Twin


Grief: "I told myself that when I could finally hold David in my arms, everything would be all right. The pain would go away. I would be able to put Laura's death behind me. But I was wrong."

  When I was halfway through my pregnancy with twins, we learned that one of the babies, Laura, would die. This is our family's story of how we learned to grieve the life of the child we lost, while rejoicing in the miracle of the baby who survived.

A painful story, yet a tale of hope and redemption.

How Can I Help?

Suggestions for People Who Care About Someone Whose Baby Died Before Birth


Introduction: "I wondered how many other women in my situation must have felt an overwhelming grief, but also an almost total lack of acknowledgement and support. I wondered too, how many people from 'the other side' must have wanted to reach out, but didn't know how or if they even should."

After going through the loss of our baby, I found that many people felt completely at a loss when it came to offering our family emotional support.

The gentle, but important, suggestions in this book will give you some guidance as you support others through this most difficult experience of prenatal loss.

Poetry in Slow Motion

Navigating Parkinson's Disease - by Jean Wegner, edited by Martha Wegner


“My life is full of obstacles, it leads me to despair.
Almost everywhere I look, I can see them there.
Now take a little button, almost any one you’ve got
No matter how I push and pray, it won’t go in the slot.”

A compilation of my mother's poetry, written over the past 15 years, as she has learned to live with Parkinson's disease. These poems give a rare insight into the experience of living with Parkinson's disease, and the feelings, hopes and frustrations that go along with it.

I would be happy to speak to your organization on any of the topics covered in my books.