Throughout my adult life as a daughter, wife, and mom, it seems that I have had my share (some might say more than my share) of challenges.  I am gratified to say that I have learned to overcome and even learn and grow through these painful events.

I have spoken to many groups in the Twin Cities and have been interviewed by WCCO radio and numerous newspapers in the area as well. As a speaker for your group or event, I will share my lessons and inspiration through stories and readings from my books. My talks can be tailored to the specific topic of the event, and the specific needs of the group.  

Take a look at my speaking topics below and visit my Events page to see my upcoming engagements.

Writing letters to my son while he struggled through years of addiction gave me tremendous relief, a way for me to air my concerns and pain.
My years as a young wife and mother were some of the most satisfying, joyful, and challenging experiences of my life.

See a sampling of the Martha's speaking topics below:

Lifetime Struggles and Everyday Blessings: Learning to embrace the full spectrum of our lives Sometimes, just when we think life is going along as it should, we are presented with a major crisis, a crisis for which we feel ill-prepared. Martha will share how she learned to embrace and learn from it all, the good and the bad.
28 Days of Advent What I learned about life in four weeks During the four weeks of Advent, Martha challenged herself to live and act according to each week’s theme: hope, love, joy, and peace. Her blog, “28 Days of Advent” chronicled this life-affirming and life-changing journey. Martha will share her insights into how everyday acts of kindness can change a life.
What Should I Say? So often, we come into contact with someone who is experiencing a painful loss in their lives. How can we support them? What are supposed to say? By sharing examples from her own life, Martha will share just what is helpful (and not so helpful) when offering support. 
Whose Life is this Anyway? Embracing the “awful” with humor and grace Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and we can’t help but wonder whose life we are living, anyway. When those losses pile up, it’s important that we see the humor and perhaps the grace offered in all we experience.
Through it All: Writing my way through life’s ups and downs Like you, Martha has had a number of struggles in her life. She dealt with these challenges, both big and small, by writing. Join Martha as she shares her journey of writing through life’s joys and sorrows.
My Son’s Life Martha’s son, David, has led a life filled with challenges, including the death of his twin sister before birth, kidney disease, learning difficulties, and addiction. Being a parent to David has been Martha’s greatest challenge and her greatest joy. Learn how Martha was able to grow and embrace all that life has to offer as she parented this beautiful, sometimes difficult, boy.
“The car is stuck on the hedge, Mom” and Other Everyday Impossible Acts Yes, the car really was stuck on the hedge. And the chandelier really did fall to the floor. Join Martha as she finds the humor, and perhaps the lessons, offered through the crazy everyday events of our lives. 
Addiction is a Family Disease: When Martha’s son became addicted to drugs, the effects were felt throughout the family. Learn how addiction affected David, his parents, his sister, and their friends, and how recovery was able to happen for all of them.
I Get by with a Little Help from My Friends Life’s challenges do not, indeed, should not, be faced alone. Seeking out friends, support groups, online chats, and rediscovering our Faith can be the lifesaver we need to get through difficult times.
My Mother’s Journey Martha’s mother, Jean, has lived with Parkinson’s disease for the past 15 years. During that time, Martha found bits and pieces of poems which Jean had written, tucked away in books and drawers throughout the house. Martha edited and compiled these poems into a book, so that others on this journey of Parkinson’s disease would know they are not alone. Join Martha as she shares this beautiful poetry.