Day 1: HOPE

"Keep awake therefore, for you do not know on what day our Lord is coming." (Matthew 24: 42) 

The first week of Advent is HOPE. And, I must admit, this is a hard one to "do". Like, how do you "act" hopeful?

This is especially difficult for me. Not only are the politics of today disheartening, but I admit to being someone who resorts to hopelessness on a daily basis. It is a struggle.

So, for today, I'll post something I'm thinking about regarding hope.

One of my readings called hope a "chink in the armor of despair", which I found to be a perfect image.The passage went on to say "A little willingness can go a long way toward making hope and faith an ongoing part of our lives. In the hands of a Higher Power, sanity and serenity become realistic hopes."

So, my act of hope is to ponder this.
I'd love to hear about your experiences with hope this first week.