DAY 21: JOY in the Christmas rush...


Walking out of Petco this afternoon, I thought, “This must truly be the end of all my Christmas shopping.” Indeed, once you have come out of the store with a catnip mouse for the kitty and a stuffed animal for the dog, you must be nearing the end of your shopping chores. At least I’d like to think so.

I am exhausted, and no wonder. Today I went to the post office, the pet store, made cinnamon rolls and Christmas cookies, dropped off gifts at my sister’s house, and cleaned the bathrooms. That was just today.

All this activity, meant to prepare me for Christmas, is just too much – so overwhelming that I forget that it is meant to give JOY. I forget that I am preparing my heart for the love of Christ.

So today, as my act of JOY, I did all the busy stuff that needed to be done. But in between I remembered to give thanks for all the JOY in my life, and all the opportunity I have to share JOY with the ones I love.