DAY 20: JOY While Running Errands…


Today: three small acts of JOY. 

First, we start at the Goodwill Donation Center. There was a young man unloading my trash bags of rejected stuff, and dutifully placing them in the bins. I thought, “What a boring job. What a thankless job.” So, I decided to give him JOY by talking to him. I asked him if things had been busy, how long he had worked there, if he ever got to work in the store. He answered in friendly, albeit short phrases. He was fine chatting; he wasn’t necessarily overjoyed at chatting. It seemed he could take it or leave it. But I did wish him a Merry (meaning Joyful) Christmas! 

Second, I went into the Goodwill Store. I bought a crockpot for my son. This will give him unceasing JOY, although I’m not sure he has bought into the happiness of the concept. He will. Dumping a bunch of ingredients into a crockpot in the morning, and coming home at night to a home-cooked meal? Brilliant.

By the way, I really don’t mean to put the Crockpot guys out of business, but please, if you are buying one, go to Goodwill first. $7 gives you an array of choices. 

Third, I then went to the grocery store. The local high school basketball team was bagging groceries. At various times, various sports groups or Scouts do this. The customers tip them, and the money goes to their cause. 

I hate having someone else bag my groceries. I have my system, and I really cannot bear to have someone mess it up. So, I always decline when the volunteer baggers ask me if I’d care for paper or plastic.  

But, because I wanted to do one more act of JOY, I handed the players my recyclable bags, and let them have at it. My, but they were slow. And without any organized system that I could see. 

The real bummer? I only had $1.00 in my purse (OK, I had a twenty, but come on – a girl can only spread so much joy). I apologized when I handed them the measly buck. The nice young man said, “That’s OK. Every bit helps.” Nice young man, indeed. 

So, how easy was that? Three acts of JOY in one shopping trip!